65. Modlitewne Spotkanie Orlˇw (15-17.02.2013) 
From: Lark  Sat Jul 8 04:26:32 2017
Vous devriez faire la part des choses:Cet article a ├ęt├ę ├ęcrit il y a un an. Tout le monde ├ętait contrnt.Peesonne n’est parfait. Brad Pitt non plus par exemple, sauf que de lui on s’en fiche.J’ai du mal ├á comprendre cet engouement pour le linchage publique.


From: Brynell  Sat Aug 23 21:24:56 2014
That's a shrewd answer to a tricky quiotesn


From: Murali  Wed Jun 26 12:16:54 2013
Happy Blogiversary!! That's so exciting! I'm so glad I found your blog. I sklated it for a while before commenting because I loved all the recipes and what not. Once I started reading and commenting and reading about your running adventures, I was hooked! I'm glad you've kept it up

From: Sheyla  Wed Jun 26 14:59:00 2013
Sana equal Prizes nalang hehe dimnndeag Ou nga eh ang active kc nating dalawa kaya nandun tau sa Top Commentators no wonder hehe same here, hoping both of us to win


From: Sunny  Wed Jun 26 16:10:55 2013
The forum is a brigther place thanks to your posts. Thanks!


From: Latesha  Sat Aug 23 09:02:35 2014
That inighst's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!


From: Nicole G.  Sun Feb 24 18:27:58 2013
dwa aniolki :)


From: Audel  Fri Aug 22 22:33:59 2014
Surripsingly well-written and informative for a free online article.


From: Jack  Wed Jun 26 11:21:34 2013
Congrats on your 1st blog birthday!! I aawyls love reading your blog and hit refresh throughout the day to see if you have a new post up! I hope your 2nd year blogging goes great! I can't wait to see what all you eat and where all you run!


From: Rayann  Wed Jun 26 04:07:33 2013
A smpile and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!


From: Lara  Wed Jun 26 14:49:42 2013
I used to get all theme disney stuff whtvaeer daughter was into but now we mix up like to save money but sometimes the kids really like something and if its a cute notebook she is going to want to write more than I say go for it


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